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We have two main types of compost: Premium Sifted Compost and Compost Mulch. Purchase online or request bulk compost.

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The Houseplant Blend

Perfectly formulated for plants inside the home, this coffeebag-sized pouch of compost is the perfect size for those who have houseplants and don’t want to lug around 20 or more pounds of compost that they can’t use right away.


25 lbs Compost Bag

Best for fertilizing gardens or houseplants, our 25-pound bag is filled with rich, sifted compost.

Available for purchase for pickup at KnoxFill or delivery straight to your home.


*Delivery only available within Knox County limits. 

Bulk Compost: 1 yrd³ - 1.5 yrd³

Starting a raised bed or fertilizing a larger area? We deliver bulk premium compost or compost mulch in 1-2 yrd³ loads to your home or business so you can save time and money.

We also have compost mulch available for pickup from our farm in Madisonville, TN for a highly discounted rate.

Pictured above: 1 cubic yard of premium compost. 

Delivery available within Knox County limits.

Pickup from our location by appointment only.

How to use our compost

Why choose our compost?

Unlike most store-bought compost mixes, our premium compost is a concentrated fertilizer that is meticulously crafted from food scraps and other organic matter. Instead of rushing the final product, we let our finished compost cure for at least 2 months so it can age to perfection.

Why Compost?

Benefits of Composting

It’s no mystery that landfills are filling up and will continue to do so unless we take action. About 30% of the average household waste can be composted (and another 30% can be recycled). By composting and recycling, you can reduce your landfill waste by about 60%.

Almost no landfills are designed to properly handle organic waste like food scraps and yard trimmings. When these materials go into a landfill, they decompose in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen) which produces Methane, a Greenhouse Gas that is 4x worse than Carbon Dioxide. 

Compost helps soil retain moisture by increasing organic matter, improving soil structure, reducing compaction, and balancing nutrient content. Its rich organic composition acts like a sponge, absorbing and holding water for plant roots. The enhanced soil structure, with increased pore spaces, allows better water penetration and reduces runoff. Compost also promotes deeper root growth, making plants more resilient during dry periods, and helps prevent soil erosion, preserving valuable topsoil and nutrients.

For growth, plants need macronutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK). But plants also take up other micronutrients from the soil like vitamins and nutrients that humans need to be healthy. Many large crops use synthetic NPK fertilizers to grow crops, but neglect to add micronutrients back to the soil. Luckily, compost takes the leftover nutrients from our food and yard waste and recycles them back into the soil to be used over and over again.

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Our Services

Food Waste Collection Services

Hang tight! We will be relaunching our food waste collecting services as soon as possible. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive updates about our services and relaunch timeline.

Residential Curbside

We believe that every household can contribute to a greener future, which is why we provide our Residential Members with an easy and hassle-free way to compost their food scraps. Similar to a trash service, we collect food scraps weekly and provide our members with a fresh, clean bin.

Commercial Collections

Businesses, restaurants, and other organizations can generate a significant amount of food waste. We offer tailored solutions for our Commercial Members to efficiently manage and reduce their food waste footprint. 

Event Composting

Hosting an event, large or small, presents an opportunity to showcase your commitment to sustainability. Our Event Services provide comprehensive composting solutions to ensure that food waste at your event doesn’t end up in landfills.

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Delivery only available within Knox County.

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